Top 10 Ideas For Mothers Day

Let’s face it, it’s hard to think of a good, and meaningful Mother’s Day gift. It’s even harder if she’s living in a nursing home or assisted living facility – practically everything they need is already provided or nearby.

You love your mom or grandmother, and you want to give them something that truly communicates how much they have made a difference in your life. Mother’s Day is your perfect opportunity to express your love!

Here are ten simple Mother’s Day ideas that can make it one worth remembering.

#1.) Make a scrapbook. Put together a special Mother’s Day photo book or scrapbook of pictures or mementos and spend some time together talking about each one.

#2.) Cook something special for dinner. Don’t’ just cook any Mother’s Day dinner – cook her all of her favourite foods.

#3.) Pamper her with “spa day”. While spas can be quite expensive, a spa experience is what really matters – and at an off-site location. For not much money you can make it a fun afternoon doing girl stuff

#4.) Bring her some prepared foods. Most people loved fresh baked goods, so find a recipe online that she’ll love (i.e. muffins or banana bread). Purchase a glass jar and add all the ingredients to the jar. Attach a handwritten note with the wet ingredients to add, and cooking instructions, and your mom or grandmother will be able to make a baked good very quickly whenever she wants.

#5.) Go for a surprise extra visit. If you typically visit your mother or grandmother on the weekend, surprise her with a visit during the week. Taking that extra time with her will mean the world to her.

#6.) Plant a flower or light gardening. The typical Mother’s Day gift is a bouquet of flowers, and even though they may be beautiful, they only last so long. If you bring over a plant, and transplant it with her in her garden, your mother or grandmother will be constantly reminded of you and the fun you both had planting it together.

#7.) Go for a longer than normal visit. If you can’t go for an extra visit be sure to make Mother’s Day special by visiting your mother or grandmother longer than you normally do.

#8.) Clean the home or apartment. Most of us can agree that cleaning is at the low-end of our fun list. So, give your mother or grandmother a break – bring over your cleaning supplies and make her whole house sparkle.

#9.) Help her reach out to old friends and family. While many seniors may speak with their children or grandchildren who live far away, we can all agree that seeing them is very special.

#10.) Ask her what she wants to do. It might seem like an odd suggestion, but you may be surprised by your mother’s or grandmother’s answer. Maybe there is something that she really wants to do, but has been reluctant to ask because she knows that you are quite busy.

Bonus Idea — Take your iPad over to your mother’s or grandmother’s house (if they do not have internet connection, take them to a coffee shop that has WiFi) and use a video chat program.

Mother’s Day is all about making your mom or grandma feel special and letting her know how much you care. This year is your chance to give back to the woman who has given so much. Use our ideas to plan for Mother’s Day in advance and take the time to make this an extra special Mother’s Day.

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