How To Remodel Home for an Elderly Person

Turning a regular home to meet a senior citizen’s needs is a growing trend. There are more people who are 62+ than ever before, and 80% of senior living hazards can be removed. It’s all about design – use good lighting, remove slippery surfaces, fewer stairs, etc. To help you a senior home remodel we … Read more

What Are ADLs – Activities of Daily Living

In the healthcare care industry terms such as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) & Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) are used to measure a senior’s level of functioning in performing everyday tasks and chores. These assessments can be useful for assessing the elderly in order to evaluate the type and level of care services … Read more

What If My Parent Won’t Accept Help

Generations matter and seniors who are 65+ can sometimes have a higher sense of independence – after all, they have lived through wartime and possibly the Great Depression. Lifetime struggles can create a high sense of independence, and not wanting to rely on another person for help. But there comes a time when getting help … Read more